West Asia

Cultivated – modern narratives of ancient civilizations

Our collective journeys begin in a distant past, ancient realms.

West Asia, a vast region made up of a rich weave of cultures – indigenous communities with deep rooted traditions that have survived and evolved through millennia, transcending the test of time.

Immensely diverse and sophisticated cultures carrying great responsibility as cradles of civilization. Here, travellers arrived from around the world, representing a crossroads open to all – promoting advancement, universality and capacity for transformation to something new.

Playing host to all societies of today, such abundance of natural-cultural resources had spurred tremendous social and technological advancements – boldly shifting our thinking and subtly shaping our modern lives.

In keeping with this ancient momentum, the younger West Asian generation, with its forward-thinking global perspective and interest in the region’s rich heritage, is rediscovering, revitalizing, and reshaping the traditions that have come before it.

Taking part in new trendsetting waves, our online presence here will act as a modern-day digital emissary to this ancient world – a curated platform designed to showcase a forgotten focal point in our human history – a true embrace to rekindle and share the stories of our mutually ancient beginnings.

Welcome to West Asia.

Text / West Asia Editors
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Ahmed Salman

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